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Revit Lead

Responsible for managing Building Information Modeling related technologies, processes, support and training. Primary duties include: analyzing systems and processes; developing and maintaining standards and procedures; educating and training office personnel; and enhancing efficiency of design and production staff.


  • To elevate the office’s knowledge base and maintain effective technology standards, processes and efficiency through the use of BIM. This will be accomplished by, but not limited to, the responsibilities outlined below:
  • Manage software products, including but not limited to updating the office with each new version of Revit, and customization of the software.
  • Evaluate Revit support software and plug-ins for effectiveness within the office.
  • Manage the implementation of new software systems related to the BIM processes.
  • Provide Revit and associated BIM software support for office staff.
  • Manage, maintain and guide BIM standards within the office.
  • Increasing the Revit knowledge of project staff, including providing individual, team and project coordinator training.
  • BIM support throughout the office by providing software and application support for Revit and other BIMproducts used in the office.
  • Provides support and guidance to the Revit Coordinator group and other committees as it relates to BIM.
  • Coordinates with the vendors and IT staff as necessary to support BIM within the office.
  • Maintaining and providing basic Navisworks clash detection on selected projects.


  • Strong knowledge and understanding of Revit software and supporting software and plug-ins.
  • Must be familiar with Revit scheduling, phasing and large project coordination procedures.
  • Must have a basic knowledge of construction industry drawing standards and requirements.
  • Be able to manage and prioritize multiple tasks, operate under tight deadlines and manage last minute and urgent requests.
  • Must be able to articulate ideas well through both verbal and written communications. Must be comfortable presenting in and leading meetings with consultants and internal team members and partners.
  • Must work well with both individuals and teams.
  • Must demonstrate a basic Navisworks knowledge and experience.

College Degree preferred, but not required.
Revit Software Training or Certification.


524 South 600 East
Salt Lake City, UT  84102