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Revit 2013 Hotfix Available

Posted: January 30, 2013 by WFRUG in General Posts
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There is a new Hotfix for Revit 2013.0

This is what the hot fix fixes.

Part Family:

  • Prevents data loss during upgrade of families containing specific material parameters.
  • Improves stability and memory usage within graphics display.
  • Improves vector print output of transparent elements and masking regions.
  • Prevents accidental data loss during cancellation of the in-place family editor.

Revit Server:

  • Revit would occasionally report that an operation could not be completed when attempting a worksharing operation after a period of inactivity, if Riverbed devices were used in conjunction with Revit Server. A subsequent retry of the operation would then succeed. When this hotfix is applied to Revit, this behavior is eliminated. No changes to Revit Server are required.

Make sure that Update Release 2 has been applied prior to adding the Hotfix. Verify that the build number of Revit 2013 is 20121003_2115.

The Hotfix is available at Autodesk:

Hotfix – Autodesk Revit 2013 – Server and Part Family





I read David Light’s blog this Morning, and here you can find the list of What’s New in Revit 2013. Here is just a snip it. See his blog for more information!

The year is 2012 & the Autodesk fanfare announces the arrival of Revit 2013. The Revit technology has now been under Autodesk ownership for just over 10 years. Wow! How the world has changed in that time, politically & economically. 10 years ago I would have never believed that Revit would have had such an impact on my career. Back then the original Revit vision was a one stop shop solution for all AEC disciplines. Whilst the tools for structure were less developed than those for architecture, certainly I was aware of engineers who were using Revit. I once heard a blasphemous rumour that a MEP tool set was being developed for Revit, but to this day, can’t confirm or deny that was the case. Either way, Revit was seen as a holistic solution that would serve the AEC industry. Nether the less Autodesk saw things differently & divided the product up into the 3 flavours that we know as Architecture, Structure & MEP. But Autodesk have been under pressure from the industry to look at the way Revit is served up. BIM by its nature is a collaborative effort & many multi dis firms are using all flavours of the product. Also, other firms want to use architectural tools in say an MEP workflow. The industry has spoken, there should be no BIM silos, so Mr Autodesk, give us the Revit product which includes all the disciplines!

Revit 2013 will come in its now well established traditional flavours of Architecture, Structure & MEP. But it will also come as a complete AEC solution, code named “OneBox” during development, this will be all three disciplines installed as one. The official name will just be Revit 2013. In Revit 2013 you have access to all of the platform tools and if you need to, you can customize the ribbon interface to turn off the discipline tools you don’t require. This can be done via the options dialogue box under User Interface…..

David Light