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Posted: September 29, 2015 by WFRUG in Revit and BIM Tips
After running into a couple of questions regarding rounding of lengths at last night’s meeting, it seemed like a good idea to post a little bit about how the formula works.
Some length unit rounding can be controlled within the project unit settings, but sometimes more specific rounding is needed, especially within schedules. Using Calculated Value parameters with formulas makes the process easy and automated.

Rounding a number parameter to the next whole number in Revit is quite simple.

  • Create a Calculated Value parameter and use the formula ‘ROUNDUP’,
  • The example below shows a number which has decimals being rounded up to the next whole number.  The Formula is: roundup(DECIMAL NUMBER).


In this example “DECIMAL NUMBER” is the name of the parameter which is being rounded.
And here is the result in the schedule:


No matter how much higher the decimal is than 1.0 the parameter will round up to the next whole number.

  • To have Revit round up or down to the closest whole number use ‘ROUND’
    To have Revit Round everything down the the closest whole number use… You guessed it ‘ROUNDDOWN’!

Easy as could be!

…It’s a little different for Length…

The Roundup Formula is really meant for numbers, which have no units. A length parameter has feet and inches, which means applying any of the rounding formulas directly to a length parameter will result in an error of “Inconsistent Units”.


Don’t worry, It can be fixed by removing the Units…    ….and eventually putting them back in.
Just follow me for a minute.

  • Create a ‘Calculated Value’ parameter for the formula
    • Make the Discipline “Common”
    • And the Type “Length”
    • Knowing which length the final answer should be rounded to is really important as well.
      • This example below shows the formula rounded to the nearest full foot.create a “Calculated Value” for the formula.
  • The Formula would be: Roundup(Length / 1′) *1′
  • To remove the units from the Length (so that the number can be rounded), divide the LENGTH by the incremental inches or foot you want the number rounded to (in this example is a whole foot so use 1′.)
    • But the calculated value is a LENGTH parameter which HAS UNITS!
  • To put the units back in, multiply the whole thing by the unit which was taken out (1′)Length_Rounded_1'_EXPLAINED

… and Voila!


What is cool about this approach is the total control it gives over what unit to round the final number to.

For example, if the desired rounding is only the the next 1/2″ instead of the full foot, the same steps are used, but instead of dividing by 1′ and multiplying the 1′ back in, Just use 1/2″.


The formula is:  roundup(length/0′ 0 1/2″) *0′ 1/2″
The final rounding could be anything. 1/8″, 3/5″, 3″, etc. Just make sure that the number which is used to remove the unit, is the same number used to put the unit back in, or you will to get some wacky answers.

And that’s it!

There are many things that can be done with Formulas in Revit, if you talk to it nicely. *Wink*

This forum post was super helpful when I started using formulas in parameters and schedules:

And he links to this posting in that same forum, but here is a direct link that talks about Inconsistent units, and what to do about it.

(Just the top post by Munkholm

Hope that helps!


Be a BIM Project Engineer for Trimble:

Posted: September 15, 2015 by WFRUG in Job Postings

Trimble has about 4 job openings. Check it out!

Hey guys! I posted this in Facebook a couple of weeks ago, but was having a blog glitch, so here it is in blog form!

Check out the link to each of the job postings HERE:

Full Time Revit BIM Designers:

Part Time Revit BIM Designers:

Thanks Guys!

Architectural Job Captain /BIM PROFESSIONAL
Are you looking for an opportunity for career growth and advancement and want to be an integral part of a team that determines and develops our architectural designs? Babcock Design Group is an interdisciplinary Architecture, Interior Design and Planning firm located in Salt Lake City, UT and Boise, ID. We are currently seeking an Architectural Job Captain and BIM Professional to work on a variety of job types in our Salt Lake office.  The position requires an individual with experience and in-depth knowledge of the content and process of construction contract documentation, digital graphics experience, good organization and communication skills and the ability to thrive in a collaborative, fun team environment. As Job Captain, this individual will support the project manager in developing and coordinating a variety of project types from initial client contact through all phases of the project.

Basic Qualifications:
Minimum 3-5 years of experience in architecture

  • Proven advanced skills in Revit is a must
  • Knowledge in Blue Beam and Adobe Creative Suite
  • Knowledge of the design process and developing construction documents is a must
  • Excellent interpersonal and time management skills
  • Ability to take a lead role in models and document production
  • Proficiency in preparing clear, complete, and accurate plans and details from conceptual sketches
  • Efficient, thorough, detail oriented
  • Dedicated to quality work
  • Self-motivated/ self-guided
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment on multiple projects

Babcock Design offers very competitive benefits including Medical, Dental, 401K, Holidays, Vacation & Personal. We have a great team and fun work environment. We know how to work hard and play hard.

Submit resume to