LDS Church Design in Revit

Posted: February 23, 2015 by WFRUG in General Posts, Revit and BIM Tips

On February 12th, Brian Derrick with FFKR gave a great demonstration on using Revit when designing projects for the LDS Church. You can view his presentation following this link:


  1. I really enjoyed Brian Derrick’s (from FFKR) presentation on Designing Temple Projects for the LDS Church. There are some skillsets that I would love to learn from that presentation. Slide 44 showed a building section with the annular space between the ceiling and floor areas as shaded. I believe he indicated that was accomplished with room tags and a view filter. If any one within the WFRUG community can clue me in on how that was accomplished I would greatly appreciate your knowledge. I’ve tried adding a room tag to that area between the ceiling and floor, and I get an error. I am assuming I am doing something wrong?