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Method Studios is looking to hire additional staff and needing the following type of skills:

  •  Exceptional REVIT knowledge and experience
  • Experience in project management a plus
  • Design experience a plus but not required
  • Past experience working on architectural projects in a design office is required

925 South West Temple

Salt Lake City, Utah  84101

o:  801.532.4422



Some of the issues that we talked about at Last Week’s user Group might have been solved with the new service packs that have come out. Click here to download the service packs.

BNA is looking to hire 2 CAD/revit operators. ASAP.

BNA prefers someone with electrical experience or at least from the A&E industry.

Contact Doug Mabey @
BNA Consulting

Chamfer Fillet for Revit

Posted: June 12, 2012 by WFRUG in General Posts

Want to use a Chamfer Fillet for Walls in Revit?
This plug-in can be used to create a chamfer or a fillet between two walls. The command allows you to select two walls and to specify distances along each wall from the intersection of two walls to create a chamfer and a radius for the fillet. The command then calculates the intersection, inserts the third wall representing a chamfer or a fillet, and adjusts the end points of the given walls.

To get this Plug-in, visit Autodesk Lab Utilities

Autodesk Acquires Vela Systems, Inc.

Posted: June 11, 2012 by WFRUG in General Posts

The acquisition by Autodesk of Vela Systems on June 8 pulls into Autodesk’s orbit a company known for leveraging cloud computing and mobile devices to link building information modeling with the physical activities of construction.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Jim Lynch, vice president of Autodesk’s Building & Strategic Technology Group, says after three years of partnering and working together, Autodesk approached Vela with the proposal and they came to terms quickly.

“We signed and closed the acquisition in one day,” Lynch says. “We fast-tracked this one. Vela is part of Autodesk today; we will begin integrating next week. It’s job one.”

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Posted: June 8, 2012 by WFRUG in General Posts