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May’s Meeting

Posted: April 25, 2012 by WFRUG in General Posts
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(taken from Autodesk Website)

Attend this free Autodesk 2013 Software Release Event. See how Autodesk BIM solutions are transforming the building and construction industries.

With tight budgets, project complexity, and short timelines, the building and construction industry is under pressure. It’s time to move forward or risk falling behind. Building Information Modeling (BIM) and new technologies are changing what’s possible. With our latest software releases, Autodesk® helps you lead the way in transforming your business now and into the future.

This year’s event features sessions from Autodesk executives, as well as building and construction experts, including:

Review of Strategic Initiatives for Autodesk by Carl Bass, Amar Hanspal, and Lynn Allen
Building a Better Architecture Business with BIM, by Joy Stark
BIM for Building Engineering, by Sarah Hodges
Implementing BIM in Construction, by Anthony Governanti

Click here for more information or how to sign up.

CADD Full-Time Position

Posted: April 17, 2012 by WFRUG in General Posts
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Electrical Engineering CADD Full-Time Position

Assist engineers in computer-aided drafting of building systems
such as power, lighting, fire alarm, security, telecommunications,
data, etc.

Experience with AutoCad is preferable. Successful applicant
should be self-motivated, willing to learn and interested in building
systems. We are looking for an engineering candidate in his/her
Senior year.

We offer hourly wages, flexible schedules and plenty of learning

ECE is located downtown Salt Lake City, approximately 15
minutes to the University of Utah campus.

Please contact:

Sinama Meli / or
John Michie /
at (801) 521-8007

939 South West Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
(801) 521-8057